Meet ALV1N

Lovingly named, this model Automatic Laser-equipped Vision-equipped 1-wheel Navigator robot is better known as simply Alvin.

Alvin finds himself in a deserted landscape, filled with dangerous waste. Guide him through this aftermath of unexplained events. The further you go, the more waste you can clear, and your mission gets progressively harder. There may or may not be an end...


Alvin is best-played using multitouch:

  • Swipe in the right half of the screen to speed up or down, fly and land.
  • Tap to Zap™ and obliterate junk, in the left half of the screen .
  • Collect batteries to keep going, and fuel to use Alvin's jetpack.
  • Don't bump into dangerous things. They harm Alvin and he will spend energy to recover.

We'd love you to experience Aftermath Alvin for yourself.
If you wish to see gameplay video here's a recording from the platform simulator.

Legend has it that..

Fuel cans are less of a commodity than they seem. Also, unlike batteries, they are flammable, so don't zap them. Objects in air can be costly (or profitable) to hit.
We really don't know what's with the electric poles.

Tech stuff

Aftermath Alvin is compatible with iOS 5.1 and above, and should run fine on iPhone 3GS and above or iPod Touch 4 and above. Retina graphics are not required, so try it if you have an older iPod Touch too.

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Aftermath Alvin is the result of a five day game development run. We wanted to see where we could take things if we started from scratch. (tbh we needed a short break from working too hard on Clouds of Steel). If you like Alvin, we promise to polish it and release an HD version.

Hey, we actually like reading emails. Jot us a line!

One more thing

Check out our flagship project - Clouds of Steel. TBA 2013/2014.